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The Struggle against Slum Eradication


Mon, 2012-02-06 22:58

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Wed, 2011-12-14 13:32

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Wed, 2011-12-14 13:12


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Emali town is a small town that lies along the Northern Corridor, in both Makueni and Kajiado Counties. A larger commercial part of the town lies in Makueni County while the section in Kajiado County is predominantly for residential use. The Mombasa - Kampala Railway and now the Standard Gauge Railway act as town’s border of Kajiado and Makueni County.

The Country is currently engaged in deliberations for undertaking a huge construction project that will have far-reaching impact on many aspects of the social, spatial, economic, environmental, and political consequences both now and in future. As we read about cost issues as well as the operational and political repercussions of the same, and what this project has to do to serve the economy, Planners have to ask and confront some fundamental questions:

The long history of cities has it that they have been centres of prosperity and social integration. From the pre historic, all through history to the modern times, cities have continued to exist playing critical roles in human development. Cities have been known to be the centres of urbanism formed by numerous interwoven elements.

In recent years Nairobi has seen the massive growth of mammoth high-rise developments in the name of apartments. They have attracted some research by Marie Hzermeyer and Baraka Mwau among others. They come up in many shades - but typically they are dense and feature small rooms. From one perspective they are viewed as the answer to the housing shortage and alternative to slums. On the other hand they are seen as accidents waiting to happen. Many of them have poor infrastructure and are poorly designed. Their social impact is least studied.